The Registry tracks the performance of hospitals, surgeons and devices. [CDATA[ A comparison was made with non-operative cases (aged 18–45 and BMI ≥40 kg/m2) from the Health Survey for England (HSE, 2007–2013). Welcome to version 2 of the National Bariatric Surgery Registry. Outcomes for this group were combined with data sourced from a comprehensive literature review in order to … Disclosures • Gore: Honorarium 2. Methods Data was collected from the six public hospitals in Kuwait. The Royal College of Surgeons of England For bariatric surgery the staffing infrastructure is also likely to be better as all the required multidisciplinary team should be resourced and available. Although the NBSR became mandatory for NHS providers from 1st April 2013, we remind hospital Trusts of their obligation to: Our view remains that it is insufficient to rely on individual clinicians alone to ensure there are no missing records, incomplete records or inaccurate data entry and thus possible under-reporting.’’. Version 2 [21 Oct 2020] Version 1 [14 Jul 2020 ... we created the first Kuwait National Bariatric Surgery Database to report on bariatric surgeries performed in Kuwait. "\\\\XYDGEfJBMK300\\\\|\\\"\\\\{qhrn9:K6~a=uc771\\\\! or Remember that bariatric surgery is one episode in a process of care of severe obesity, which is a lifelong chronic disease. The aim of this study is to evaluate and summarize current trends in bariatric surgery in Israel. Summary. The HES in-hospital mortality rate for 8 years was 0.061% and 0.13% for 30 days mortality, confirming that bariatric surgery is exceptionally safe in NHS England. Outcome 2 produces potential negative (and positive) outliers. "SYF4Z01\\\\\\\\10\\\\0t\\\\VA6M01\\\\\\\\umm}Tw|sdaai>htm21\\\\02\\\\02\\\\" + The definition of in-hospital death used for the NBSR and HES reporting is a death that occurs during the initial hospital stay before discharge. If your BMI is 35 or more and you have obesity-related disease that can be improved weight loss, or your BMI is 40 or more, you may be suitable for surgery. Information on bariatric surgery and presurgery BMI was obtained from the Scandinavian Obesity Surgery Registry, and information on pregnancy characteristics was obtained from the Swedish Medical Birth Register. Revision surgery does not include reoperations for immediate postoperative complications. Welcome to version 2 of the National Bariatric Surgery Registry. New operations have been added, some questions taken out, balloons have been separated and a personal dashboard created. There are limited data quantifying national trends. Data from the Swedish national registry for bariatric surgery. We use the same methodology to calculate in-hospital and 30-day mortality as for the 2013/17 reports 1-3. Discuss this with your surgical team. Ann Surg 2011; 254: 410–422. This is because in general for all specialised surgery the higher the caseload the better the operative results are likely to be. "9==i(fi{)++i;l0(" + The team will discuss with you whether surgery is a good option for you. Bariatric Surgery Registry (BSR) Steering Committee – The body that oversees the governance of the BSR, provides strategic direction and ensures the agreed deliverables of the Registry are achieved. **** Data suppressed as low numbers to prevent potential identification of individual patients. As for 2013/14 the 2014/15 report includes the ability to search for results for each hospital. The First NBSR Report details the data fields that need to be completed to make the record go green 6.